Why VisualGEMS ERP ?


OPTIMAL has 30+ years of Apparel ERP experience and has shipped more than 1000 solutions – more than all other competitors combined.

The benefit of this experience is that OPTIMAL Experts have had the opportunity to work with a large cross-section of Apparel Industry Professionals, Business Heads & Successful Business Owners, enabling them to identify and overcome the toughest functional & technological problems.

The VisualGEMS ERP is the result of that open dialogue with many business owners and years of refinement. The reason the VisualGEMS ERP System has solid answers to all your tough questions is because OPTIMAL has worked with thousands of professionals just like you, who work in apparel companies, with problems just like the ones you have faced. The company has taken into account their wish lists and their worries, and assigned best ERP solution experts to solving problems just like yours.

The result: OPTIMAL has engineered great solutions that respond to your toughest concerns. They’re designed to make your life less difficult and your ERP solution more effective, productive, and economical.


Thankfully, when you install the VisualGEMS ERP, you can step out of the dark ages and into the future of Enterprise Solutions Management and Operations.


By now you understand why ERPs particularly Apparel Industry specific ERPs are the backbone of a garment manufacturing organization.

As you prepare your migration, here are dos and don’ts that will help you succeed getting started.

  1. Do what’s best for your organizational data and processes and consider moving from stand alone departmental packages to integrated ERP.
  2. Don’t force yourself to live with multiple unnecessary package and database providers.
  3. Do make migration easier by using ERP solutions which uses your existing Servers & Database Licenses & has capability to migrate your existing Master data.
  4. Don’t assume all ERP Solutions are alike.
  5. Do verify operational sites of the shortlisted ERPs which are at least 3+ years old.
  6. Don’t limit your vision to cover limited departments and users.
  7. Do expand your coverage end-to-end covering all departments & all employees.
  8. Don’t force yourself to kick start all modules at once.
  9. Do choose a solution that lets you start with one module & progressively scale up to cover all modules across all departments.
  10. Don’t just guess what’s going wrong with your data & transactions when it misbehaves.
  11. Do make sure your ERP provides smart Audit Logs foot prints & strict Access Controls.
  12. Don’t suffer with solutions that require a lot of different vendors to work together.
  13. Do make sure to use a smart & proven technology that increases reliability.
  14. Don’t be stuck with solutions that can’t scale with your growing requirements.
  15. Do ensure that the ERP solution can expand Geographically to cover multipl locations as well as Hierarchily within each location to cover employee job profiles & positions.
  16. Do be sure to take advantage of industry standards wherever possible
  17. Don’t depend on Costly Consultants to recommend business rules, let your ERP introduce Best Business Practices.
  18. Do your homework and choose your solutions with care.
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