VisualGEMS ERP System solves a number of challenges and provides invaluable benefits to Apparel Manufacturers, Exporters, Retailers & Distributors seeking to reduce costs, manage growth, streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage.

VisualGEMS ERP System integrates all aspects of the business processes including: Design/Sampling, Merchandising, Procurement, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Finance & Accounts, Export Shipment, Sales and Distribution, etc. so that every business function relies on a single database. This “information hub” delivers accurate, real-time information crucial to the Apparel manufacturing industry.

Here are the top reasons why today’s Apparel Manufactures have chosen VisualGEMS ERP System over many other software.

  1. Streamline Processes: As Apparel manufacturers grow & expand operations to multiple factories & locations, their operations become more and more complex, VisualGEMS ERP System automates all business operations, providing accurate, real-time information. VisualGEMS ERP increases efficiency and productivity by helping users navigate complex processes, preventing data re-entry, and improving functions such as Sampling, Procurement, Production, Order fulfillment and Delivery.
  2. Cost Reductions: With single common database source of accurate, real-time information, VisualGEMS ERP System reduces administrative and operations costs. It allows apparel manufacturers to proactively manage operations, prevents disruptions and delays, breaks up information logjams and helps users make decisions more quickly. Key areas where VisualGEMS ERP Customers have achieved significant cost reduction are:
    • Reduced manpower due to: Improved Coordination across various departments Reduced manpower requirement for MIS Report generation Improved Resource Utilization due to good information visibility
    • Better Inventory Re-usage or reduction of dead stock
  3. Flexibility: VisualGEMS ERP Software Systems is Modern, Robust, Flexible and configurable. It is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, but can be tailored around the unique needs of your business. VisualGEMS ERP System also has the ability to adapt with the ever-changing needs of your growing business.
  4. Improved Customer Relations: By providing timely & accurate feedback to Buyers relating to their orders / deliveries / shipments, VisualGEMS ERP users gain confidence of their buyers and also allow them to build improved relation with their customers.
  5. Competition: VisualGEMS ERP Systems may require an investment, but there’s also a cost to do nothing. Apparel Manufacturers cannot afford to put off an ERP implementation while their competition invests in ERP and starts reaping the benefits.
  6. Quick Rollout: VisualGEMS ERP System is an integrated single solution covering end-to-end all requirements of an Apparel manufacturing, export, domestic or retail company across multiple business locations. Thereby offering standardization of working rules, procedures and systems across multiple business locations, enabling shorter learning times, smooth sharing of resources between multiple locations which reduces overall cost of ownership.
  7. Reduced Training Effort for Inducting New Employees: Normally it takes 2 to 3 months to introduce working systems of a company to a new employee. With VisualGEMS ERP this training period can be shortened to less than 4 weeks. Standardized data collection, document Formats, reports ensure that a new employee fits into groove quickly.
  8. Increased Operational Efficiency/Increased Customer Confidence: Today’s customers offer wafer thin margins, expect better quality and quicker delivery time. VisualGEMS ERP System implementation shows your determination and a road map to achieve these objectives. Confidence of your business partners and consumers will be increased many fold when they see your business is being run on VisualGEMS ERP.
  9. Informed Decision Making: VisualGEMS ERP System provides the right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world, enabling them to improve productivity, enhance decision making and promote communication between coworkers, customers and vendors.
  10. Single Point Data Capture: VisualGEMS ERP System helps to reduce or eliminate duplicate work, and automates routine operational tasks and provides easy access to information. VisualGEMS ERP, therefore, can deliver significant savings of time & efforts.
  11. Proactive Cost Controls: VisualGEMS ERP System allows you to lock the Bill of Material & Budgets of Orders after approval, enabling a proactive cost control at all levels.
  12. Minimized Risk: VisualGEMS ERP is designed by professionals having 25 years of experience in Apparel Manufacturing ERP Domain. VisualGEMS ERP is a proven Apparel Industry ERP solution which has been perfected with live usage feedback from more than 1000 garment export companies across the world.
  13. Protection of Your Investment: VisualGEMS has been a tried & tested solution by many Apparel Manufacturing organizations across globe. The team behind VisualGEMS has long term commitment to the industry & provides continuous upgrades, thus protecting your investments into Technology. Therefore all your investments in buying the ERP Solution, training your employees & implementing the system are leveraged.
  14. Best Industry Practices: VisualGEMS ERP System introduces best business practices and operational procedures followed by industry leaders.
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