Main Features of Advance TNA Module of VG ERP

  • Linking of VG Transactions to TNA activities is flexible & can be done by user from simple & easy to use Interface provided.
  • Auto TNA allows to create Activities (events) for Sample Approvals, Fabric & Accessory Purchase, Receipt & Issues, Production, etc.
  • Activity Completion can be defined on percentage (%) basis. e.g. if 50% of required fabric is ordered then the Activity is marked as “In Progress” & Percentage is shown as 50%.
  • User can View the TNA status of Orders on a graphical DASHBOARD. Color coded Graphical TNA Dashboard highlights the problem areas.
  • Auto TNA genereates Alert Email based Reminders for Due, Delayed & Crisis Activities with Escalation facility. These emails are filtered buyer wise.
  • Email reminders can be configured for activities which are due in next 2/3 days & can be send to people who are directly responsible for the activity completion.
  • Auto Escalation of Email Reminders for delayed Events, to Senior Management thus exposing only crisis Reminders to Top Management.
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