Company Culture

OPTIMAL’s strength is derived from a core team of highly innovative, quality conscious and dedicated software professionals who have been encouraged to give full expression to their latent creative abilities. This team is steered by an enterprising & professionally qualified management. The ability of the team to listen to customer’s needs enables it to come up with cutting edge solutions.

This creativity naturally follows as a result of the flexible environment, which the company has adopted as a fundamental philosophy. Professionals are encouraged to undertake higher studies & constantly upgrade their knowledge. This vibrant culture attracts fresh talent and enables the organization to be a rewarding employer.

The organizational strength is further enhanced through a resourceful marketing team, which constantly seeks out new opportunities for expansion while ensuring consolidation of existing niche markets.

Our hard work and dedication in timely delivering these projects has earned us reputation of a professional & committed organization which will never fail to deliver. Most importantly we promise only what we can deliver. We don’t make compromise for short term gains.

Our main software development centre is located at Mumbai (formerly Bombay), the well known IT nerve centre of the country and the capital city of one of the most progressive Maharashtra state in Western India. Mumbai is the financial & commercial capital of India & takes pride in serving home to many Indian corporate & multinational organizations. Access to advanced telecommunication facilities, superior infrastructure, easy availability of trained & qualified manpower and excellent air links to anywhere in the world are some of the added attractions of this location.

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