ERP Audit

Why your business needs to regularly Audit your ERP System?

ERP is not about deploying once and forgetting. ERP software is implemented so that organization can get benefited by increased efficiency. However the efficiency depends on how the Business Rules are managed, how the users follow ERP processes & how the data is being utilised by organization to continuously enhance the efficiency.

One specific apprehension with ERP systems is that over a period of time changes in the ERP Administration team and induction of new employees who are not well trained in the ERP processes leads to dilution of discipline and controls built into business processes, leaving the company vulnerable.

A routine ERP Audit helps an organization to review

  1. User Access Controls are relaxed over a period of time (shared with juniors).
  2. Master Data Management: Customer, Vendor, Items Masters accuracy is reduced.
  3. Process Wok flows are bypassed due to change of users & lack of training for new users.
  4. Approval mechanisms are disabled or downgraded to juniors, who approve without verifying.
  5. New Functionality / Business processes are not adopted.
  6. New requirements are not mapped to ERP Processes.

What may go wrong in your ERP that results in errors & inaccuracies?

  1. If the industry best practices are being followed or some processes need tweaking,
  2. If the system controls are established properly or there is a possibility of some leakage
  3. If the right processes are being followed
  4. If the users are properly trained
  5. If the users are using Reports from system effectively
  6. If the users are facing any issues in following routine ERP processes

The ERP Audit should be done on annual or biannual basis.

How we do it (Methodology) ?

  1. Define Objectives of the ERP Audit and build the core team
  2. Our ERP functional experts conduct meetings with each department to analyse process gaps, evaluate if the users are making live entries in real time or there are backlogs.
  3. Review ERP Setup Configurations & Business Rules, Check Process Integrity, Check Approval & Authorization Flags & Permissions, check speed of transaction feeding & reports generation.
  4. We come up with recommendations on areas of improvements which can be implemented over a period of time.
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