"Our Company is fully wired by VisualGEMS ERP."
- Mr.Anoop Dhanda. Director, Orient Craft Pvt.Ltd

"Our Daily Production Efficiency Reports from all 10 Factories are live on VisualGEMS ERP."
- Creative Group

"When I travel to meet my International buyers I am able to offer instant pricing quotes on line on VisualGEMS ERP."
- Prashant Maheshwari, Director, Krishna Beads

"All our information is on VisualGEMS ERP for the last 10 years."
- Girish Korgaonkar, ERP Manager, Texport Syndicate

"I have studied the VisualGEMS ERP System thoroughly and found that it has been made Scientifically."
- Mr.Brijandra Kagzi, M.D, Shrijee Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

"We never expected that we will get so much output from VisualGEMS ERP Enterprise Reporting System"
- Management, Aloka Exports, Mumbai

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