E-Invoice Enabled

VisualGEMS ERP E-Invoicing Module offers two option for e-Invoicing i.e generation of IRN for documents under two options:

  • Off Line - Using Bulk e-Invoice Generation Tool, and
  • On-Line - Direct connection with e-Invoicing Severs using API of GSP.

Off Line Tool enables the tax payers to prepare the bulk request in two methods:

  • Cut and paste the e-Invoicing requests as per data loaded on the Dashboard.
  • Enter all the requests one by one an in the format and keep it ready.

The data of bulk request is verified & then converted to JSON file for uploading on to e-Invoicing portal.

The On Line option uploads the data directly on to the e-Invoicing portal thru the GSP Cloud server API and returns back the IRN & download link of Invoice in PDF format.

Documents Supported for e-Invoicing :

  • Export Sales Invoice,
  • Local Sales Invoice,
  • Service Income Invoice,
  • Branch Sale Invoice (Across State),
  • Debit Notes and Credit Notes
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